Why Small Businesses Should Be Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is booming. Businesses have learned that it is a key element in being successful in a marketplace where most people start their product search online. If you’re a small business, you’re no doubt super busy with what’s already on your plate. Adding yet another component to your marketing mix might seem like a hassle at best, and money thrown down a well at worst. But a thoughtfully constructed email marketing strategy can reap huge rewards.

It works.

As I’ve written before, email is more effective in selling products than search or display ads or social media. Eyeball for eyeball, it is the most effective way to engage your customers, whether you’re offering a product or a service, or you’re providing content. As part of an integrated marketing strategy, it will boost user action and sales (a.k.a., your conversion rate) and keep your business in the minds of your audience.

It’s personal.

It’s you having a conversation with each of your customers—the potential ones and the established ones. With an email, you get a few moments alone with each reader to explain how great your product is and why they should buy it, complete with images and links for more information.

It’s welcomed.

People love email marketing. They use it for many reasons: to stay current with the latest news from their favorite sources, to learn more about businesses and services, to stay on top of sales events, and so much more. If someone is receiving your email in the first place, chances are they’re receptive to your message. And as we all begin to turn to our phones in the brief moments of downtime between larger tasks and appointments (what Google has dubbed, ‘micromoments’), your message will meet an even more receptive audience.

It’s simple.

Big companies might have whole email marketing departments, but smaller businesses can take advantage of the many mighty email marketing tools that exist. Services like Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, and MailChimp specialize in email marketing for smaller businesses. Setting up campaigns, shaping your message, and designing your emails has never been easier. Best of all, these services grow as you grow. As your marketing efforts gets more sophisticated, you can take advantage of even more powerful tools. They will help you personalize your messages, segment your audience, and integrate your campaigns tighter with your overall marketing efforts.

Email marketing is no longer just junk mail or spam—it’s a legitimate, effective vehicle for reaching an interested audience. The big boys and girls are using it to tremendous advantage. If you’re a small business, you should take some time to figure out how email marketing could work for you.